As an impressionable four year old Paul J Penton ran up and down a chalky soccer field singing Tom Jones’ hit Delilah at the top of his lungs after seeing it on ‘Top of the Pops’. He HAD become Tom Jones and from that moment never doubted he could sing! He’s been humming his way through life ever since.

Musical disciplines began early with a father who played trumpet and trombone in Navy bands, and brothers and sisters playing instruments in local ensembles.

Growing up in the folk era of the mid 70’s a guitar was a natural progression and at age ten he inherited a Spanish guitar from his elder sister.

Growing up in a country town where sport was king there was plenty of time to pluck on them strings – channeling Cat Stevens, Carole King, the Eagles, the Beach boys, James Taylor.

Now with almost 40 years of singing and strumming up his sleeve- anything from 12 string to Classical and lately Resonator guitars and Ukulele- Paul J Penton is one of Australia’s new breed of craft based singer-songwriters.

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